Murano Glass: Style and Design for your home

A millenary experience rediscovers contemporary art.
Only Made In Murano Glass matters.

Interior design

realize your
custom projects
our experts will
follow you

murano glass custom projects

corporate gifts

give a
murano glass gift
to your partners
or employees

murano glass gifts

Special wedding

favors and gifts
ideas 100% Made
in murano

wedding favors

more than 1000 murano glass works at factory prices

Exclusive Vases

Incredible pieces of furniture created by our glass masters

Vases with murrine

Classic Murano glass vases
with murrine millefiori


Unique Murano Glass sculptures
and collection of art pieces,
animals, figurines

Glasses, Goblets, Pitchers

Enrich your table with
colorful Murano drinking glasses
and artistic goblets


Necklaces, bracelets,earrings
for a unique and unrepeatable style.


Murano glass chandeliers, lamps and wall lights.
Light up your home with Murano glass chandeliers

Art Gallery

Murano glass is more than just a vase.
Our glass masters have created true works of art.

Gift ideas

murano gift ideas

Unique gifts in Murano glass.
Personal gifts, corporate gifts
or gifts for your loved one.


A Murano glass mirror
is not for everyone:
it is a lifestyle, a unique
and precious object
and refined furniture for your home.

Glass Aquarium

What better than glass
can reproduce water?
What’s better than Murano glass?


Murano glass animals
are certainly the most requested objects.
A collector’s item for young and old.


Special offers, unique pieces and reduced prices on our outlet

Interior design

realize your
custom projects
our experts will
follow you

murano glass custom projects

corporate gifts

give a
murano glass gift
to your partners
or employees

murano glass gifts

Special wedding

favors and gifts
ideas 100% Made
in murano

wedding favors


Murano GLass




The splendor of Murano glass

Making glass in Murano is synonymous with tradition, history, culture and preservation of an art that is handed down from generation to generation, from father to son.

In the special section Murano glass Jewellery You can also find necklaces and earrings in original Murano glass, unique objects to wear and collect, or to give to a special person.

A magical art, that blends design and perfection, creativity and elegance, but at the most is technique that only the masters of Glass possess.

In Venice, a crossroads of different merchants and cultures, is located in the small island of Murano one of the most incredible activities in absolute: the creation of an artistic glass that is now known, appreciated and imitated all over the world.

Real works of art that can be used in everyday life, such as glasses, chandeliers and ceiling lights, or design objects to furnish your home.

The MadeMuranoGlass selects for you the best products of Venetian glass art, unique, original and guaranteed, chosen in the most ancient glass factories and created by the most famous glass masters of Murano.

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Why Made Murano Glass?

Authenticy 100% Made Murano Glass: our products are 100% made in Murano

Direct purchase in the factory:factory prices for over 1000 products

Custom made realization: we realize your idea with engraving and decorations

Accurate selection by an expert team: an expert and local team select Exclusive

Works for you everyday: connecting with the most famous Murano furnaces

Support 24/7: we are at your disposal 24/7

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100% Made in Murano warranty

Mademuranoglass works are realized in Murano Island by glassmakers and are the result of rigorous selection by our experts; who their aim is to select, for us, the most exclusive, innovative and special works in Murano glass.

All our items are followed by guarantee certificate. For this reason our costumers that is going to buy our products in our on-line shop will receive the guarantee certificate.

The aim of Mademuranoglass guarantee certificate is to check, for the costumers, that their purchase are realized in authentic Murano glass.

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Feast your eyes with original Murano glass

Murano glassware production dates back to the Middle Ages. The same-name island has quickly become a centre of glassmaking and, therefore, shot to fame worldwide attracting more and more visitors. Nowadays, glassy units from this location are considered to be the most valuable. is located right there, in the picturesque Venetian Lagoon, selling pieces of art that will spark your interest.

Our store is trusted by customers all around the globe who are amazed by authentic Venetian glassware. State-of-the-art items found in our assortment are made by dedicated artisans who follow original manufacturing traditions. When creating products out of Murano glass, masters apply special glass-blowers that make for their distinguished style. You can even take the whole process as a specific artistic movement.

Thousands of connoisseurs appreciate jewellery and souvenirs made from this high-end vitreous material native to Murano.

And it comes as no surprise that there are loads of counterfeits on the market. Rest easy as this is not the case with

Time to go for unique Murano glass for sale

If you still entertain the idea that it is a fragile ornament that is meant only for a few purposes, we are now going to drop it. Intricate forms and translucent tones of our products are truly fascinating. Whether you are a completist or just a fancier, discover our well-handled Venetian glass collection to liven up your space: is committed to the authenticity of all the on-sale items. Real glassware should have vibrant colours united with bright silver or golden specks inside. When Murano artisans blow a piece of glass, they take a plethora of minerals to create shade effects. As it gets heated, these minerals melt, which is essential for mesmerising mosaic-like quilt surface. Italian masters used only primitive tools in their work back then. That is why genuine Murano glassware has a flawed and asymmetrical shape.

You won’t go wrong ordering these luxury articles at our store. To purchase sophisticated, originally made Murano glass, shop for it here without paying a fortune. You will discover not only a myriad of astonishing ornaments and accessories to enhance the beauty of your home but also personal and corporate gift ideas.

Contact us now to buy or request more details on our glassy items and give a classy touch to your place!