Murano Glass jewels are artifacts of art and beauty that every woman would like to wear.
Every year, with the arrival of the first cold, it’s time to start thinking about the gifts to do for Christmas… So, this year, why not think of giving these extraordinary and precious masterpieces?

Although there is still some time for Christmas we should start to consider different options.
Among all, a gift in Murano Glass is able to amaze how few things in the world can do.
In these objects there is all the rich and ancient glass tradition, rigorously made in Italy, carried out by skilled craftsmen who have learned to use techniques and tools that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

These are never produced in series and on each work there is affixed the signature of the individual artists who have conceived it.


Murano Glass Jewellery: Unique and original creations

One of the qualities that make Murano glass jewels the most loved by women is uniqueness.

Each jewel is worked in various ways to give harmonic and unique shapes.

There is no identical jewel to another. This feature is charged with symbolic significance because the woman who receives these masterpieces feels considered as special and unique in the world, just like the jewels she receives as a gift.

The range of shapes, colors and varieties to choose from is very wide and includes: necklaces, rings, pendulous earrings. The most peculiar creation is the one with glass beads: precious pendants with bright colors and different materials are enriched with these precious white balls that emphasize the face or décolleté.

Among the most innovative proposals of Murano glass jewellery this season are the earrings born from the meeting between Murano and Paris: The Dior D-murrine necklaces, rings and earrings.

A jewel suitable for every style you can opt for a glittering Murano glass necklace for your mum, or for a pair of beautiful earrings for the best friend, for elegant twins for dads or for a cute bracelet to give to the irreplaceable grandmother.

For the most important woman in your life, why not think of a colourful and precious Millefiori watch, a masterpiece that reveals the authentic care and passion of Murano craftsmen.
Among more than two thousand authentic pieces in Murano glass is impossible not to find the one more in line to the tastes of the person to whom you want to make a nice gift for this Christmas at the gates!

This year finding the perfect gift for the most expensive people is simple.

Enough with the usual anonymous gifts, routine, made because “you have to do”, but that do not leave any sign in the heart of those who receive them.

The Murano glass jewels are instead sculptures to wear.

Just as the Murano glass objects enrich a house, the jewels can embellish a woman in the same way. That’s why they can’t leave a mark.