If scarves, ties and fragrances to put under the Christmas tree are already discouraged in general, the same applies, if not more, in the case of corporate gifts.
When a company decides to make Christmas gifts to its employees, it does so to show them their affection, gratitude and esteem. It is a sign that demonstrates the appreciation of a company, small, medium or large, with regard to the people with whom it has to do every day.
Usually we focus on pens and key rings, however, this year we change direction: we focus on corporate gifts in Murano glass, with a certain success.

Password: uniqueness

The main characteristic of the corporate gifts in Murano glass is their elegance, their refinement, their being a sign of a meticulous, demanding choice, but also of a certain responsibility.

The password is then “personalization”. Whether it’s a gift for employees or employees, the goal is always the same: to amaze.
The corporate gifts in Murano glass are the top for all companies or professionals who want to convey their logo, their image through objects of artistic value, emphasizing their values.
Not everyone knows that the Murano glass objects are never perfectly identical, as they are made in a traditional way. From the design of every single piece, the continuous search for shapes and colors, the attention to details, the desire to amaze and immerse oneself in the ancient art of these rare beauty masterpieces forged following ancient and ancient techniques that are handed down from generation to generation in generation.
Of course, corporate gifts made of Murano glass, to have this effect and preserve their character of value, elegance and richness in shapes and colors must be original.
Perhaps it seems useless to say, but it is always good to remember that the true works are those that show the relative certifications for each piece. We are therefore very careful before making the final purchase.

Corporate gifts in Murano glass: here are useful and beautiful gifts

Bookmarks are a gift idea with a classic flavor that, however, if chosen in Murano glass, gain an added value. These are small but very useful objects for those who love to read for passion or to improve their professional training.
Among the other possible corporate gifts in Murano glass is the table clock.
The skilled hands of the artisans of Murano have conceived watches with a superimposed image very suggestive and very fashionable today, for the load of symbolic meaning that it possesses: the tree of life.
The latter is certainly an original idea: the concept of time merges and merges with that of life that thrives in its beauty.
A certainly original idea as a corporate gift in Murano glass is also the corkscrew, an elegant accessory for wine to give to men and women without distinction.
Another gift with a classic flavor is represented by key rings.
There are key ring always in Murano glass to customize, but also keychain with the most sophisticated and original design, in which all the details and details are very accurate.
The declinations of these objects are many, not to mention the colors, so you can choose both for men and women, based on personal tastes.
All that Italians want to receive this year is something they do not already have, but above all, what companies are aiming for is something precious that reflects the value of the company and its brand.
In this sense, the business gifts in Murano glass are really the best.