Making Murano Glass a World Heritage Site

Making Murano Glass a World Heritage Site would certainly be another step for its survival and the future of the lagoon island

Murano's glass, with its many techniques and processes, including Venetian beads, and a thousand-year tradition has all the requirements to deserve the recognition of intangible heritage of humanity protected by Unesco. The president of the Promovetro Consortium, Luciano Gambaro, is sure of this, like the recognition granted to Prosecco,  the protection of glass processing by Unesco becomes an additional element of guarantee and safeguarding the production of Murano glass that have always been attacked by counterfeiting phenomena.

Gambaro writes in his appeal:

Like Prosecco,  the Promovetro Consortium, as far back as 2010, had officially started the application process for the Murano Glass, as an intangible Unesco heritage, which Mibact himself recognized fully meet the requirements of the 2003 Unesco Intangible Heritage Convention.

The tradition, the passion, the effort, the art, the difficulties of working that are handed down from generation to generation, the production and living in a unique island, and the tenacity with which we continue to do for centuries, reflect the values linked to know-how and practices Murano glass crafts required by Unesco itself.

I believe that further recognition, of this international reach, is needed. Making glass is not easy, the costs are high, but this hypothesis could make us take a leap forward. It will not be the decisive shoulder to counterfeiting, but it can be a good starting point for the sector. How's 2019 going? We've been coming from a year, the past one, quite problematic. I honestly think there has been a slight improvement, but in small situations, and the future is not happy. Those who recovered in terms of production and turnover, did so by very few percentage points. There is still the need for help from gouvernement, because we have been immersed in this crisis for ten years now

says Cristiano Ferro head of the Glass Confindustria Venice sector.

Murano wine Glasses and goblets: functional art in everyday life

To whom doesn't really knows Murano Glass is just a beautiful piece of art work. Those who are practical end expert with it know that it’s an art that can be functional. It serves a double purpose in each and every home. For example the filigrana goblets and drinking glasses aren’t just pretty. They can also be used for their intended purpose. Just imagine how your guests will react when they’re drinking fine wine from a filigrana goblet. Sometimes the glass can be more interesting than what’s in it. This is certainly the case when enjoying a beverage from anything made with filigrana.

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Corporate gifts in Murano Glass: 4 ideas of secure success

If scarves, ties and fragrances to put under the Christmas tree are already discouraged in general, the same applies, if not more, in the case of corporate gifts.
When a company decides to make Christmas gifts to its employees, it does so to show them their affection, gratitude and esteem. It is a sign that demonstrates the appreciation of a company, small, medium or large, with regard to the people with whom it has to do every day.
Usually we focus on pens and key rings, however, this year we change direction: we focus on corporate gifts in Murano glass, with a certain success.

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The beautiful island of Murano is famous for one thing, in particular, its amazing glassmakers. The glassmaking industry of Murano in Venice is regarded as the most exquisite and even the best lots of centuries ago, and the fact still holds until today. Murano glasses are a symbol of history, culture and tradition. Glass making is an art, Murano glass makers are masters in this form of art, creating beautiful glass ornaments that are a mix of design, creativity, elegance, perfection and authenticity.

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Murano Glass as a complement of interiors: charm and design

Admiring the works of Murano Glass interior designer, placed next to each other is like being in a museum of precious works of art: The effect is the same, because you remain equally fascinated and intrigued. The value of these works, the result of the inspiration of the most talented designers of the moment, in terms of beauty and merit is priceless.

The glass masterpieces from Murano are the product of a wide selection of works by Master glassmakers who offer the great possibility to personalize the interiors as you wish.

As there is a wide possibility of choice, it will be useful  some suggestions aimed at orienting the choice of Murano Glass Works most suitable for its


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Murano glass production is an art, so is detecting an original Murano glass. The fact that Murano glass products are handmade Venetian products and the popularity of the product has made it a subject to numerous scams, fakes and counterfeits. Some shops claiming to sell Murano glass products have been discovered to actually sell fake industrially produced Murano glasses. This has caused severe damage to not just the trust of Murano glass buyers but to the culturally artistic and authentic production of the original Murano glass products.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Why Choose MURANO Glass Jewellery

Murano Glass jewels are artifacts of art and beauty that every woman would like to wear.
Every year, with the arrival of the first cold, it's time to start thinking about the gifts to do for Christmas... So, this year, why not think of giving these extraordinary and precious masterpieces?

Although there is still some time for Christmas we should start to consider different options.
Among all, a gift in Murano Glass is able to amaze how few things in the world can do.
In these objects there is all the rich and ancient glass tradition, rigorously made in Italy, carried out by skilled craftsmen who have learned to use techniques and tools that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

These are never produced in series and on each work there is affixed the signature of the individual artists who have conceived it.

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