Series of fantastic Venetian glass chandeliers with various colours, forms, processes and quantity of lights. In this section you can find a wide selection of Venetian glass chandeliers starting with model Rezzonico, the crystal working with gold 24carats, the amazing lanterns and ceiling lamp, up to the Venetian classics and the most exclusive and modern Murano glass ornaments. For each Venetian glass chandelier you can match wall lamps, table lamps and flambeaux in the same style and you can also customize, at your pleasure, colour and the amount of lights.

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Exclusive Murano glass table lamp colour crystal all in gold leaf 24 carats. Products are...

525,00 €
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Classic Murano glass table lamp colour green. Products are entirely handmade by masters...

288,00 €
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Exclusive Murano glass table lamp colour crystal with decorations in gold leaf 24 carats....

340,00 €
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Elegant venetian glass chandelier "Panamà" with 8 lights colour crystal with...

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Special venetian glass chandelier model “Frank Rezzonico“ with 9+6 lights colour white...

28000,00 €
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Special venetian glass chandelier model “ Rezzonico “ with 15+6 lights colour smoky grey...

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Murano glass chandeliers: An expression of unrivalled quality

The Murano glass chandelier is nothing like a typical fixture made simply to illuminate a room. This is not a mere decorative object, but is the subject of years of a creative journey that has its roots in Italy. The materials used in the production of original Murano glass belong to a long line of artisan tradition. Essentially, when you buy this kind of chandelier, you are becoming part of a rich history that began with Venetian glass masters with fervor and passion.

There is no doubt that Murano is supreme in quality and represents among the finest kinds of art glass in the world. Although, the glass is not cheap, there are plenty of choices available to suit every style and budget. Wherever you may choose to install your murano glass chandelier, its ends with only one outcome: a striking luminaire that accentuates your home décor.

Various Designs and Colours of Murano glass lamps

There are many designs and styles with modernistic designs, futuristic forms and classic floral patterns. In addition to classic designs that involve a clear glass and golden hue, Murano glass chandelier presents glass lighting options in colourful swirls of red, green and black. There are other lighting solutions besides chandeliers such as Jewish menorah, table lamps and candle holders. Both Venetian chandeliers and mirrors have a similar history to follow as both are vital for revamping any exiting décor. Everything is customizable in both form and material.

The traditional Murano glass is typically made by festive design elements and rich colors, with the metallic frame covered by glass and beautifully decorated with leaves and flowers in a transparent or coloured glass. The sensual shapes give a warm, inviting ambience that soothes you into a magical world of dream and fantasy.

How Murano Glass is made

Since the 13th century, Murano glass has been an eye-catching product that captivated many hearts globally with its beauty, tradition and excellent craftsmanship. When chemical science was not highly advanced, the Italian glassmakers from the island of Murano began making intricately designed glass items by mixing fine sand or silica, sodium, and some other materials for colour. Using furnaces and some simple tools, the artists were able to skillfully create an array of items that were both functional and appealing. The most popular of these items are the glass mirror and the chandelier.

How to identify an original Murano Glass object?

Spotting a fake Murano glass chandelier may not be very easy, especially if you are not familiar with what to look for. Here are the most important aspects to consider when purchasing any Murano glass lamps. • Each Murano glass chandelier is authentic and unique. These are handmade artwork meaning that they can never be produced industrially with products that are identical with each other. Look at the small differences with a keen eye and you will recognize them, or simply ask the seller to show you. Also, check the colour vividness as very few are transparent. You should also consider the natural imperfections of the actual glass to see the hidden hand of the master. Even if a master uses a mold to create their product, the final item has some uniqueness that identifies it from another. • Be keen on the selling price. It is easy to get carried away with a good deal, but be careful when the deal is too good. Original Murano Glass is a luxury object. The price of an authentic piece is based on the quality of decorations: gold, alexandrite, platinum, agate and so on. The materials have a cost and this will be applied in the actual pricing of the item together with the special techniques used that took time and patience. In most cases, low prices are indicative of an imitation. • Request A Certificate Of Origin! An original Murano glass chandelier will have a document certificate of origin that shows where it was made and contains all the necessary info about the piece. Some of the info you need to check include name of the glass master, name of work, year or production and maybe a trademark to certify that the product is an original.

Famous Murano Glass Techniques

Murano’s glass history is rich and boasts an exhaustive list of techniques and their improvements. Noted down for over centuries of constant evolution and high production, there is no way one can name all the techniques. However, they could be divided into two major categories, primary and secondary. The primary process involves initial mixing before a melting process in the oven, while the secondary process involves modifying the final result through fusing and torching after the initial mix has been created. The secondary process may also modify the final result when cold by sculpting or carving. The most popular techniques are Beadwork, Gold and silver leaf works, Avventurina, Engravings, Vetro Pezzato, Murrina & Millefiori and Enameled glass.

Simply mount a Murano mirror or chandelier in any space, and you instantly transform your décor. Complexity is the hallmark of of Murano glass lamps. The sheer beauty it radiates in any room in marvel-worthy. The edges are likely to be flawless and prominent. You can find them in all shapes, sizes and colors. The border of the Murano chandelier is likely to feature ornate details that make it look extravagant without even trying. Murano glass lamps are ideal for any room, including bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom and foyer.

The ornamental Murano glass lamps are popular for their unbelievable beauty. Every object is finished perfectly so you can have a luxurious and lustrous ambience.