Murano glass is a unique type of glass that is made on the island of Murano in Venice. Murano’s glassmakers become the leaders in Europe in glass manufacturing and in developing different types of glass since centuries. Murano glass mirrorwere first manufactured in the 18th century and then in began with full swing to inducing new products. The Venetian mirror originated in the small island of Murano in Venice in the 15th century. Known as Murano glass mirrors, the category of mirrors involved a very difficult process that includes their making and creation side by side. Venetian mirrors were considered to be the best of their kind when they were finished. After the decoration of the glass that was associated with Murano Island; it became the Murano glass.

The origin of Murano glass mirror evolved a lot and today these mirrors symbolize luxury and social status. Nowadays, as the market appears, there are numerous Murano mirrors’ imitations in the market. These mirrors are little comparable with Venetian mirrors and there is hardly any craftsmanship of the real artisans.

These available glass mirrors are made up of modern Venetian glass with decorative gold (24 carats) and silver crafter by Murano artisans. In each of the mirrors one can witness the perfection of the contemporary Murano glass artisans. Each of the glass mirrors is a real masterpiece. This is because they are flawlessly blended with skills and craftsmanship. This altogether gave the mirrors an extraordinary existence. Each Murano glass mirror is, thus, a great piece of artefact.

The most imperative characteristic features of these glass mirrors are:

  • Flawless clarity, very light in weight, the colours are exquisite, and the last but not the least is ductility, which makes them come in any shape.


In general, these mirrors carry designs such as roses, tender leaves, ribbons – all together make the mirror elegant.

How is it made?

The sophisticated artistic areas on the mirrors are done using traditional glass methods.

  • Each of the magnificent Murano glass mirrors is a purely handcrafted art piece – not just art piece but a magnum opus, which involves many painstaking processes.
  • It’s crafted thus: first, a piece of clear coloured glass forming the mirrors with the composition as decided by the artist is hand blown or hand cut.
  • Then, the glass is properly shaped, polished and then the design is etched manually into the face of the surface.
  • Once each of the glass pieces has silver on the back, all the glass pieces are put together and fastened into a wooden frame.
  • Owning one of these mirrors of this make is to own a great value – history of great value.
  • These are wonderful pieces of art in their elite status that last for centuries. Check your image in the mirror of your choice and take home along with your spouse.

We, at Mademuranoglass strive to bring you the ultra-modern product without losing the sight of the great character of craftsmanship, elegance, luxury and fineness. We do all this with our aged tradition that continues with our generation.