murano glass

What is Venetian Murano glass?

Venice is very famous for various things, specially for handcrafted objects and elements.
Beside the production of ships and boats or laces from Burano island, the most famous product in Venice is artistic glass.
The first traces of the production of glass in Venice correspond with the beginning of trade with the East, where the production of glass was already an advanced art. This is why the production of glass in Venice starts with a strong oriental influence. Venice is one of the few glass producers that has to import all the glass raw materials.
Before 1300 glass was produced in Venice center, then by the fact that to produce glass you need high temperature ovens, the risk of fire was very hight.
Venetian decided to move the production of glass in Murano island.
Here a new concept of glass production evolved, with the contribute of glass masters, creating amazing glass artistic pieces.

What is Murano style glass?

The style of production of Murano Glass is various: from blowing obtaining glass bowls, to mixing colours working with different instruments.
There is no a special style, everything comes from the hand and ideas of glass masters, inventing different ways to combine colors, materials, and design.

What is special about Murano glass?

The uniqueness of every piece made a Murano glass object a special artwork.
Secrets, experience, ability: all these skills make a glass master an artist, who can produce fantastic artworks.
In Murano there are no serialized productions, every piece is a unique artwork.

What are Murano beads?

The evolution of glass production in Venice has several ways: from home decorating to tableware, untile the possibility to wear jewelry made in Murano glass.
Therefore, may master are specialized in the production of artistic beads, with different colors, shapes and size.

Does Murano glass have Mark?

You have to imagine a painter who sign his painting... the same is for Murano Glass master. Everyone has his own signature and mark.
One important mark that every Murano piece has to have is the Original Murano Glass trademark, that certify the origin of the artwork.
Every furnace has his own registration number.

Ok, how can I buy on mademuranoglass.com?

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How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost vary from land to land. For example, we offer free shipping to Italy or we offer special conditions for many lands.

As the shipping cost vary from land to land and from weight of the package, please calculate the exact shipping cost just simulating a purchase until the shipping address. So our system will identify the weight and the land of shipping, giving back the exact price.

How long will I receive the goods?

Shipping time vary from item to item. A small Murano glass piece can take up to one week, a chandelier could take up to 4 weeks, it depends on the difficulty of the craftwork to create the item.