Admiring the works of Murano Glass interior designer, placed next to each other is like being in a museum of precious works of art: The effect is the same, because you remain equally fascinated and intrigued. The value of these works, the result of the inspiration of the most talented designers of the moment, in terms of beauty and merit is priceless.

The glass masterpieces from Murano are the product of a wide selection of works by Master glassmakers who offer the great possibility to personalize the interiors as you wish.

As there is a wide possibility of choice, it will be useful  some suggestions aimed at orienting the choice of Murano Glass Works most suitable for itsinteriors

How to choose Murano Glass Works for your interiors

Unique objects, detailed representations and masterpieces of abstract art from the work of the best interior designers in Murano glass: This is what these works are.
Among the various proposals you can admire: chandeliers, flower-holders, abat-jour, ornaments… there is only the embarrassment of choice.

Murano glass chandeliers are undoubtedly the most popular in the world and are well suited to classical environments; As for table lamps and abat-jour there is only the embarrassment of choice, ranging from more sober models to more flashy ones… a real spectacle with a great visual effect.
The glass works of murano can be coloured and characterized by precious chromatisms, some are more classical, some are more modern, all are refined and elegant.

How to recognize authentic works (attention to imitations)

Choosing to buy for yourself or as a gift a work of interior design in Murano glass means to choose the 100% made in Italy, boycotting fake creations that destroy the professionalism of the designers of Murano glass. The works of art, in their original state, are unique pieces, handmade and not industrially produced.

An eye extremely sensitive to art and beauty can not fail to recognize a work done with the mastery of years of history. However, we don’t all have these talents.

So, how do you avoid the risk of buying an imitation?

Dwell on the colors and their vivacity. Each work conceals the uniqueness of the craftsmanship and hands of the craftsman who made it.

Attention: Although some machining techniques require the use of moulds, the final result of a Murano glass work is still slightly different from another, especially in the colours.
Ask the shopkeeper if there is a guarantee certificate stating that the item you want to purchase is actually made in Murano.

Before buying a piece, check if the work shows the signature of the artist who made it. Often-but not always-the works are appropriately signed by the master with an engraving in the cold glass.

A work signed by the maestro is worth much more than an unsigned one, even for future resales and recognitions.

Murano Glass has conquered the podium of wonders of the world for hundreds of years with a reputation for unrivaled innovation. Let’s treasure this greatness by trying to invest in the best.