A home is just a dwelling if it has no Murano Glass. Fine glassware lovers from around the world are all familiar with the city of Murano. No where else on the planet is there such a rich history of glass blowing. For the residents of this fine city glass blowing isn’t just an art form. It’s a way of life for them. Take a visual tour of the creativity that’s locked deep into the minds of these master craftsmen. Every single piece is as unique as the hands that created it.

To whom doesn’t really knows Murano Glass is just a beautiful piece of art work. Those who are practical end expert with it know that it’s an art that can be functional. It serves a double purpose in each and every home. For example the filigrana goblets and drinking glasses aren’t just pretty. They can also be used for their specific purpose. Just imagine how your guests will react when they’re drinking fine wine from a filigrana goblet. Sometimes the glass can be more interesting than what’s in it. This is certainly the case when enjoying a beverage from anything made with filigrana.

Beyond practicality, there’s the artistic side. Many of these one of a kind works of art can easily find a home above your mantle. There’s more than enough unique pieces that will easily start up a conversation in any room. Each item is painstakingly made by hand. Quality never takes a backseat when the focus is on creativity. Unleashing the glassblower’s unique perspective is the goal with each product made. It ensures that no two pieces are ever truly alike.

Consider a Murano Glass chandelier for a truly elegant touch. Your guests will be in awe the very second they gaze upon it. Nothing takes a first time visitor by surprise like a Murano Glass chandelier. Many people who’re selling their home add one of these wonderful chandeliers to immediately increase the value and buyer potential. Nothing makes a room stand out more than the unexpected beauty of a Murano chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

There’s no better wedding gift than Murano Glass. From lighting to drinkware, they’ve got you covered. It’s important that you give a gift that stands out. You don’t want to be the one who gives a gift that’s quickly forgotten. No one will ever forget the fabulous craft blown glass gift you gave them.

Custom orders are always accepted. Don’t see something that you’re looking for? Simply ask and it can be made for you. The important thing to remember is to be descriptive about what it is that you need made. The highly skilled artisans will craft something specifically to your needs. Custom made products are never frowned upon. No one appreciates your creativity more than these highly skilled artists.

As you can see Murano Glass has something for everyone. No glassware collection is complete without at least one of their pieces in it. These are pieces that capture a time in the life of the creator. The artistic expression contained in each piece is what makes it unique. It’s the same reason why people will pass on their Murano Glass items from one generation to the next.