Those who love art, value and beauty cannot help but love works in Murano glass .

Embedded in them is the grandeur of an ancient art, which cannot be matched.

Would you like to see your idea made of original Murano glass?
Are you planning to give a gift for Christmas, a piece of furniture, a sculpture but you don’t know if it is possible that it can be made of Murano glass?

Our glass masters can put their art at your complete disposal to study the solution that best meets your requests.

The answer is therefore affirmative: yes, it is possible to customize a product from our catalog with the colors you like best and in the shapes you like best.

Your ideas can be turned into reality. Thanks to the skilful dexterity of the Murano glassmakers it is possible to create more than you can imagine. You just need to want it.

Original Murano glass: works on commission to realize your idea

All the advantages related to the creation of custom-made Murano glass works

√ An original Murano glass work can be made to measure, so it can be forged in a personalized way.

√ All this takes place because the work behind it is the result of years and years of skilled experience in the field.

√ All this takes place because these objects of great beauty are made by craftsmen and glass masters who aim to create unique objects of the highest quality, in line with every budget.

√ Small objects such as key rings can be made, but also large ones such as wall clocks, flower stands, bespoke mirrors, particular vases and unique sculptures.

√ For men or women, there is something for everyone.

√ Among all the most popular works you can choose between engraved or painted works, if you prefer also in gold and with a personalized dedication.

We are obviously talking about original, authentic works, which boast the original MadeMuranoGlass ™ Murano glass certificate included in every single object.

<h2> Contact us for advice or information. </h2>

We will offer you a dedicated assistance service from our experts who will be able to give you all the answers about the possible and feasible proposals, the availability of the works, priority delivery, etc.

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