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Murano Glass Sculptures

Section dedicated to a wide range of original works in Murano glass made according to the ancient tradition of our famous Murano artisans. Murano glass animals in different colours, processes and forms, following you will find our Murano glass figurines made in venetian blown glass with gold 24carats, avventurina, and other magnificent works with zanfirico. To close this fantastic section could not miss the Art Gallery, where you can admire exclusive and unique works in Murano Glass…..all to discover.

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Murano glass statues: Eternal art pieces that everyone can own

Glass statues have always been something that only a select few could afford. But times have changed. Although Murano glass sculptures and figurines require even more intricate skills and many years of a master’s experience to be created, you can easily own one. Shop at Made Murano Glass to snatch a timeless yet affordable art piece and revere the creativity and prowess of Murano artisans.

If you are a fine art connoisseur, get ready to lose yourself in our collections. We pride ourselves on being a treasure trove of Venetian glass sculptures available as 100% genuine works of world-renowned glassmakers of Murano. Whether you are casting about for a meaningful present for someone special or an authentic glass piece to revive your interior, one of these sculptures or figurines will be your best option.

Murano sculpture is where ancient and modern intertwine

Murano is a one-of-a-kind island that has become the cradle of glassmaking. It’s where gifted Venetian glassblowers have been creating sculptures and glassware using from-master-to-disciple techniques for over 900 years. And while these techniques have barely changed as years passed by, the designs and motifs of artisans’ works are in the here and now.

At Made Murano Glass, we team up with talented glassblowers who create sculptures and figurines in a range of colours, shapes and glassmaking techniques. From Avventurina to Zanfirico, the patterns and styles these artisans use are all exclusive to Murano.

Select from vintage Murano glass sculptures for your classic interior or state-of-the-art geometrical masterpieces in minimalistic or contemporary styles. Besides, these glass artworks are not only a feast for the eyes but also a risk-free investment. Their value will only go up in the future.

You can hardly find a better place to buy Murano glass sculptures for sale

With love for timeless art in our hearts, we open our online doors to people worldwide to discover and purchase glass sculptures and figurines. Here, you can cherish modern glassmaking trends or opt for vintage classics. All these Murano sculptures made of glass are 100% authentic, and there’s no way they are sold somewhere else.

We never compromise on product quality or service to our customers. That’s why we ensure safe shipping for fragile items with our DHL and UPS partners.

Hurry up to order a Murano sculpture and keep it as a thing of never-changing beauty or investment!

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