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Murano Glasses

Series of Murano drinking glasses hand coloured, with murrine millefiori, in pipe, transparent or with gold and silver leaf. The service includes glasses for water, wine and jug. Available in various shapes, colours and sizes. In this section you can buy murano glass tumblers for your home, or you can find Murano drinking glasses for sale at factory prices.

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Something more about Murano Drinking Glasses

Add a touch of class to your table with Murano glass glasses

If you like to decorate your table and always have luxury items at the table, such as silver cutlery and ceramic plates, surely Murano glass glasses are the right objects to define your design at the table.

You can find different styles, but the most characteristic glasses are the “goti de fornase”, glasses that were once created by Murano glass masters with the scraps of worked glass, therefore very often they have millefiori or murrine decorations, and that were customized by the master by giving it strokes to shape it and make it unique.

Today these glasses are in great demand for the beauty of the colors and the singularity of the shapes.
The processes of these glasses are different: they can be with murrine or filigree, worked with canes or with gold leaf. However, all demonstrate the uniqueness of the master glassmaker who created them, making the Murano glass glasses a unique and unrepeatable piece, almost a collector’s item.
These glasses are perfectly suited to both an antique and classic style, and to a modern and design table.

Murano glasses for water but not only

Other very popular glasses are the Murano glass goblets for wine, extremely elaborate and refined objects that very often have regal and elegant decorations.
Italian Tumbles, and specially venetian Murano glasses are a unique piece of art,  no one can fail to notice.
Having a Murano glass goblet at the table is a sign of great prestige and elegance, as well as making you taste wine like a king!

A complete set for your design

At MadeMuranoGlass you can also find complete sets of Murano glass glasses and carafe, in order to give a touch of elegance and refinement to your table with unique and modern designs.
The complete sets are colorful and splendid, they can be used in everyday life or on special occasions, to give a special touch to your special events, or to amaze friends with a made in Italy design object.

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