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Venetian Glass Mirrors

Fantastic Murano collection of venetian glass mirrors with incisions. Exclusive modern venetian glass mirror  with decorations in gold leaf 24 carats and silver carried out by our Murano artisans. Thanks to collaboration of Master glassmakers, mirror makers and carpenters that cooperating with each other create unique works in the world.

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Something more about our Mirrors

Not for monarchs only: Buy Venetian glass mirrors for sale at Made Murano Glass

Once you want to add a touch of radiance to your interior, a refined Venetian mirror would serve best for this purpose. Here at Made Murano Glass, we have a great collection of top-of-the-shelf shimmering art objects mutually made by skilled glassblowing masters, mirror makers, and Murano artisans. Their fruitful cooperation gave birth to signature Venetian glass mirrors that can become a centerpiece of any interior design.

Want to turn your apartment into a royal mansion? Then you’re welcome to the Made Murano Glass store — the place where a plethora of exquisite Italian glass pieces is gathered under one roof. Our authentic collection is made for real Venetian art connoisseurs. It comprises exclusive antique Murano glass mirrors decorated with golden leaves and intricate silver ornaments. These state-of-the-art decor elements epitomize timeless classics that perfectly match the modern design.

What makes antique Venetian glass mirrors stand out?

Each Murano mirror is an authentic piece that preserves the unique features of Venetian art. Thanks to the unique combination of glassmaking techniques that have been tested through the years and exquisite incisions made of noble metals, these glasses have tremendous value. All minor imperfections and the unevenness of lines highlight the distinctiveness of Venetian etched mirrors, making them one of the most sought-after decorative centerpieces on the market.

We sell craftsmanship pieces made by eminent artisans who cherish centuries-old Venetian craftsmanship techniques. Each Murano mirror has a certificate that ensures its authenticity and unmatched quality. When shopping at our reputable store, you may not hesitate the mirrors’ origin. They all come from Murano, Italy.

May our sophisticated Venetian glass mirror become a centerpiece of your living area

Mirror craft has gone through a centuries-long evolution resulting in many iconic styles like the Venetian one. Our hand-made mirrors are adorned with traditional carvings, allowing everyone to touch the history of legendary Italian glassblowing craftsmanship. Whether you are a classic refinement connoisseur or an experienced art investor, you can’t miss our fair-priced Venetian glass mirrors for sale. These ambiance pieces will add a touch of sophistication to any interior design, be it an ultra-modern, high-tech, classic, or glam one.

Our mirrors are shipped directly from Italy in special solid crates designed to protect fragile masterpieces. That is why you can rest easy, knowing that your purchase will come to you in tip-top condition, no matter your location.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists to buy a Murano glass mirror — the luxury of the past centuries in a contemporary execution.

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