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Exclusive Vases

Incredible pieces of furniture created by our glass masters

Vases with murrine

Classic Murano glass vases
with murrine millefiori


Unique Murano Glass sculptures
and collection of art pieces,
animals, figurines

Glasses, Goblets, Pitchers

Enrich your table with
colorful Murano drinking glasses
and artistic goblets


Unique Murano Glass art gallery
and collection of art pieces, animals, figurines


Murano glass chandeliers, lamps and wall lights.
Light up your home with Murano glass chandeliers

Art Gallery

Murano glass is more than just a vase.
Our glass masters have created true works of art.

Gift ideas

murano gift ideas

Unique gifts in Murano glass.
Personal gifts, corporate gifts
or gifts for your loved one.


A Murano glass mirror
is not for everyone:
it is a lifestyle, a unique
and precious object
and refined furniture for your home.

Glass Aquarium

What better than glass
can reproduce water?
What’s better than Murano glass?


Murano glass animals
are certainly the most requested objects.
A collector’s item for young and old.


Special offers, unique pieces and reduced prices on our outlet

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