Barcelona – Venetian Glass Vase Carnival Multicolor – Murano Glass

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Exclusive Murano glass vase entirely handmade using assorted colors in glass paste and cold engraved in Venetian island “molerie”.
The vibrant colors, which surround this blown Murano glass vase, remember the Carnival period. Venice and its islands are colored by a lot of colors. To complete its uniqueness, this work is signed with a cold engraving by Murano glassmaker Master Mario Costantini. The vase has the label Marchio Vetro Artistico®
Note: The colors position and incisions may vary minimally being unique Pieces and Handmade.

Height 37 cm (inches 14,5)
Length 23 cm (inches 9,05)
Weight 2500 grams




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Dimensions23.0 × 37.0 cm