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Cube - Pop Art Glass Sculpture - Made Murano Glass

774,80 $ Catalog Price

  • EUR: € 760.00
  • GBP: 641.27 £

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Dimensions 20,0 × 33,0 cm

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Cube: Pop art abstract face sculpture made in Murano glass by the famous master glassmaker Badioli. Single work of rare beauty, full of shades of color, handmade using solid glass and signed by cold engraving from the glass master. Unique pieces, which you can only buy on MadeMuranoGlass, because they are made exclusively by our collaborator “S. Lira”. There is no more fascinating work of art than a Murano glass sculpture: from the primary elements such as sand and metals comes the idea of ​​a master who forges the elements with fire … a sublime and unique procedure.

Height 33 cm (inches 12,99)
Length 20 cm (inches 7,87)
Weight 3,2 kg



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