Incalmo – Set Of 6 Murano Drinking Glasses Incalmo

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Exclusive set of Six Murano blown glass glasses for water or wine, made entirely by hand with “Incalmo” processing, lower part color black and multicolor upper part. The Incalmo technique consists in coupling two colors together giving a single shape. The workmanship of the glass of this work is performed very carefully by our skilled glass Masters of Murano. In our island this set is called “GOTI DE FORNASA”, tradition has it that the Venetian glassmakers along with his collaborators made these glasses to drink during work breaks. Work signed by the Master glassmaker of Murano.

Decorate your table with this magnificent set of Murano glass glasses, success is assured!

Glasses can be washed in the dishwasher!

Height 8,5 cm (inches 3,34)
Length 9 cm (inches 3,54)
Weight 650 grams




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Dimensions 9.0 × 8.5 cm