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Nest With 2 Birds - Gardellini - Murano Glass

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  • EUR: € 258.00
  • GBP: 217.69 £

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Dimensions 16,0 × 14,0 cm

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Nest with 2 birds, Gardellini, in multicolor Murano glass and silver leaf with nest in real 24kt gold leaf. To perform this fantastic work, two Murano glass processing techniques are needed: the nest is made with the blown glass technique. Birds are made with the Lume technique. Sculpture that can be used as a centerpiece. Work signed on the bottom

As you can see from the photos, the birds are fixed with a metal pin, so that you can replace them in the future with other birds of your liking.          We can also build the nest with the birds you want!

Height 14 cm (inches 5,51)
Length 16 cm (inches 6,29)
Weight: 700 grams


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