Primavera Sboccia – Blown Vase Red And Murrina Millefiori

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Primavera Sboccia is a Murano glass Vase red, orange with decorations in Murrina Millefiori.
Work done entirely by hand by the master glassmaker of Murano “Rossi “.
Signature engraved in cold by the artist.
To perform this fantastic work, the glass masters place the various colors in a metal plate, creating an intriguing colored mosaic which will then be melted together with the transparent crystal glass. Once everything is melted, the master glassmaker models the mass of glass by heat giving shape to unique and inimitable works. This is how Sboccia was born, the vase created for you!

Height 22,5 cm (inches 8,85)
Length 13 cm (inches 5,11)
Weight 1000 grams



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Dimensions13.0 × 22.5 cm