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Quatrefoil - Murano Glass Vase Fantasy Green

132,16 $ Catalog Price

  • EUR: € 128.00
  • GBP: 108.25 £

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Dimensions 10,0 × 23,5 cm
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Venetian blown glass green vase with assorted filigree decorations, Millefiori, “Mace” and silver leaf. “Rossi” glassmaker Master mixes these colors in an ever different way, making the works so unique and inimitable. Vase signed with cold engraving as photos. The venetian glass vase has the label Marchio Vetro Artistico®. 

Height 23,5 cm (inches 9,25)
Length 10 cm (inches 3,93)
Weight 550 grams




Through many years of experience we have developed a safe and secure method for shipping Murano glass. We use ecological material with minimal environmental impact. The statues, mirrors and chandeliers are packed in special wooden crates. All shipments are insured.

All purchases can be returned within 14 days. If you receive the item and you don’t like it, you can return it and we will refund the cost.

Thanks to the PayPal installment payment method, you can buy your Murano glass object in 3 convenient installments.

In some objects you can request a dedication or a particular phrase engraved. During the purchase phase, you can write it in the notes.

Do you want to give a Murano glass object?
During the purchase phase you can specify a shipping address and request a gift package on the notes.

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