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Sculpture Of Birds - Murrina Millefiori - Made Murano Glass

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  • EUR: € 360.00
  • GBP: 303.76 £

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Dimensions 16,0 × 18,0 cm

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Sculpture of two birds in Murano blown glass entirely handmade with millefiori Murrina process and engraving in the body. This process of engraving is called by the Venetian glass masters “Battuto ” or “Molato “.
The working times to perform this work are divided into two phases, in the first the glass masters have to model the sculpture in hot shape and color, in the second once cooled the sculpture is precisely “grind ” or “beaten” by the engraving artists, giving movement to the sculpture.

Height 18 cm (inches 7,08)
Length 16 cm (inches 6,29)
Weight: 400 grams



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