Sculpture Puffer Fish Mosaic Murrina Millefiori – Made Murano Glass

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Murano Glass Puffer Fish Sculpture entirely handmade by our glass master Costantini.
Opera performed with the technique of murrina Millefiori.
To perform this fantastic sculpture our glass master, place one by one the pieces of “murrina glass” in a plate and then be merged together with the transparent crystal glass and shaped hot according to the glass master’s desired shape.
The final result is this amazing mosaic work that encompasses art, tradition and passion.
By buying this sculpture, you not only take home a decorative and unique piece, but rather a piece of Italian craftsmanship history, made with love and passion. Signed sculpture!

Height 16,5 cm (inches 6,49)
Length 20 cm (inches 7,87)
Weight: 800 grams



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Dimensions20.0 × 16.5 cm