Murano glass production is an art, so is detecting an original Murano glass. The fact that Murano glass products are handmade Venetian products and the popularity of the product has made it a subject to numerous scams, fakes and counterfeits.
Some shops claiming to sell Murano glass products have been discovered to actually sell fake industrially produced Murano glasses. This has caused severe damage to not just the trust of Murano glass buyers but to the culturally artistic and authentic production of the original Murano glass products.
These fake products look almost alike with the original Murano products and will require some skills to ascertain between the fake and the real. This article will list things you need to know before buying Murano glass products, to help you avoid the fake and get the authentic Murano glass products always.
What you need to know before buying Murano glass products

Before you buy Murano glasses be aware of these things listed below.

1. Check for uniqueness: Any particular Murano glass product is unique, one of a kind, this means that same style cannot be replicated perfectly. Each Murano glass object cannot be exactly identical to the other one. You need to watch out for the uniqueness of each product, and if you have a keen eye you can spot them.
Check the colors, check the designs, you will see the different styles although not too visible in each object. If two products are exactly identical, with no uniqueness to them, there is a high possibility that they are factory produced glasses and not the authentic Murano glasses made by glass master from the Murano island.
This uniqueness of the glasses is sometimes caused by the molds used by the craftsmen, but each of the final products has a slight difference that makes it unique. So when getting a Murano glass product, ascertain the uniqueness by checking for little differences.

2. Price: Original Murano glass products are expensive. A culture rich, tradition and historical masterpiece that is infused by a glass master into the production of every Murano glass product make the product a luxury object only few can afford.
If you come across certain Murano glass products that are of low cost when compared to the other, there is a high chance that it is a counterfeit Murano glass. Murano glasses are made following highly expensive production processes and techniques, don’t expect it to come cheap.
But the fakes are produced industrially, so they will come at a cheaper rate, so cheap means fake basically.

3. Request for a certificate of origin: Each Murano product comes with its unique certificate of origin. This certificate entails all the information about that particular masterpiece. The details contained in the certificate of origin will include the name of the artwork, the name of the craftsman or glass master, the year the product was crafted and other information needed to ascertain the authenticity of the Murano glass product.