As a Venetian glass art studio based in Murano, we create originals in collaboration with the best glass masters. Our goal is to propose colorful and elegant works of art that capture the passion for artisan glass and all its culture.

Murano glass is a global material for interior designers, in fact the island of Venice boasts four large institutions dedicated to the art of glass: the University of Fine Arts, the School for Glassmaking at Murano, the School for the History and Interpretation of Glass, and Istituto Veneto di Scienza e Tecnologia.

The Venetian island of Murano is famous for the production of exquisite glass art, such as objects and sculptures. The artisans from the island have a unique and special method of glassblowing; little beads are created in a pattern that is transformed into an intricate mosaic on a small scale, which gain more value with time.

The special and precious Murano glass tile is currently being used as decoration on various surfaces, including columns and floors. Modern interior designers use these tiles as a final touch on the entry door or on the wall in palatial homes to add subtle elegance to the structure without compromising neutral balance.

Glass surface was never acquired a feeling that’s so light and transparent and so suitable for house decorations. In this sense, when selecting window glass or crystal goods it certainly should always be guided by advice apply to any other type of material -heating ovens sold.

A certain knowledge of its characteristics will allow you to make better use of your lighting products and enjoy them to create an atmosphere that will surely delight every day.

Receive a piece of Murano glass artistry at an accessible price, as well as provide your home with a decorative object that is sustainable and long lasting.

If you’re looking for originality and unique pieces for your home, then the collections in the catalogue of MadeMuranoGlass are a perfect fit.

Beside glamorous Murano glass chandeliers from 18th century, hand blown bottles or cups, you can even find dinnerware sets and vases in Murano glass. Therefore, surround yourself with a few pieces from various collections to make your house feel special.