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Exclusive Murano glass vases

A set of fantastic venetian glass vases completely handcrafted made in famous venetian glass factory. In this selection you can admire the variety of shapes, colours and sizes; especially the incisions that are performed in almost all of this works, making it all unique and inimitable.

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exclusive murano glass vases for sale

We’re so excited to announce our brand new collection of Murano art glass vases! These are all hand-made in Venice by the top artisans of the region and feature gorgeous colors.

murano glass collection

Murano glass vases are a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will add style and elegance to any room. Murano glass is famous for its colorful and intricate designs. Many people who purchase these glass objects do so as an investment because they appreciate the uniqueness of their piece, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want something special for their home or office.

Murano art glass vases are handmade by skilled Italian artisans, so each one is unique in its own way. This means that while you may see several similar pieces on display at your local gallery or museum, yours will have its own personality—much like you!

unique murano glass vase designs

Italian vases are created by skilled artisans who have been crafting these pieces for more than seven generations. Each glass is handcrafted and no two are exactly alike, making your purchase truly one-of-a-kind. Choose from a variety of styles and designs, including:

  • Glass vases with gold accents
  • Murano glass vases in shades of green
  • Murano glass vase with swirls of color

handblown murano glass vases

If you are looking for the perfect murano italian art glass vases for sale, look no further. At MadeMuranoGlass we offer a wide variety of handmade, handcrafted, blown by hand and made-by-artisans murano glasses that can be found nowhere else in the world!

Many people think of Murano as just another city on the Italian island of Venice but it is actually an idyllic place with many attractions and activities for tourists to enjoy. For example, there are numerous art galleries located near port that showcase some of the best murano glass artists in Italy. So if you’re looking for something unique or simply want to relax after exploring this beautiful city then make sure to stop by one of these locations before heading back home!

murano glass vase blower artists

Murano glass vase blowers are a rare breed. It takes years of practice to develop the skill necessary to create these intricate and beautiful works of art. Murano glass vase blower artists are the best in their field, known not only for their talent but also for their dedication and commitment to creating beautiful pieces that will last forever. With every new piece they create, murano glass vase blower artists prove their dedication to excellence by taking risks with color schemes or shapes that may not turn out as expected but end up turning out beautifully anyway!

The murano glass vase blowers at our gallery have been known throughout history as some of the most talented out there—and it’s not hard to see why! The artistry involved in making each one is truly incredible; if you want something truly unique for your home decor needs (or even just something cool), we have exactly what you need here today!

the art of creating a murano glass vase

Handcrafted Murano glass vases are made from glass that is blown by hand. The process of creating these beautiful works of art is known as “cameovita”, which translates to “glass blowing” in Italian. The Murano glass artist takes molten glass and shapes it into a mold using a blowpipe, working with both hands at once to create the perfect design. After cooling, each piece is then reheated and polished with a grinding wheel or file before being decorated with paint or other decorative elements like gold leafing or enamel lacquer.

different type of murano vases

Murano art glass vases are NOT cheap. The people who buy them are usually willing to pay for quality, but the number of buyers is small. That’s why we have a limited supply of these beauties. But if you have an eye for high-quality hand-blown glass pieces and you love unique objects that will last forever, then these murano glass vases might be just what you need to complete your collection!

What makes our vases so special? Well…

exclusive murano glass vase on sale

A Murano glass vase is a piece of art for sale online. These vases are made from fine glass, and the designs on them are very elegant. You can also purchase these vases in different colors including white, red and yellow. The colorful murano glass vases are very beautiful when placed inside your home or office decorating it with elegance and style.

These murano glass products have become popular among all age groups because they add elegance to any room in your house and at the same time they give you a chance to show off your artistic side by displaying beautiful flowers or some other plants inside them so that whenever anyone comes into contact with them they will admire their beauty as well as appreciate how much effort has been put into creating such an amazing piece of work!

buy murano glass exclusive vases

We are proud to offer the finest selection of artistic Murano glass items. Our collection includes gorgeous glass vases, bowls and sculptures. The rich colors and intricately detailed designs make these pieces unique works of art that you can’t find anywhere else. We also offer a wide range of other Murano glass products including vases, bowls, sculptures and more for sale online at great prices!

Large selection of artistic and exclusive handblown Murano glass vases at the best prices

Murano glass vases are extremely popular, especially among collectors and art enthusiasts. Handblown Murano glass vases are also very eye-catching, as they can be made to look like anything from modern abstract art to ancient historical relics. In addition to their beauty and elegance, Murano glass vases can be made in a huge variety of shapes, styles and colors. This makes them the perfect choice for any occasion or design style.

Murano glass artists have been making these works of art since the 1300s when Venetian craftsman started creating pieces by blowing air into molten glass while it was still hot enough to shape with hand tools like tweezers or small hammers called “punches.” While this process has changed little over time (you won’t find many automated machines at work), today’s artist use some modern techniques such as electric kilns instead of open flames for heating up raw materials like sand and lime before shaping them into vases using specialized tools that resemble chopsticks but are actually made from steel alloyed with copper or manganese oxide (and sometimes even precious metals!).


We hope that these tips help you find the perfect Murano glass vase for your home or as a gift. You’ll want to make sure it’s authentic, so look for the right shape and size in addition to being labeled as Venetian glass. Be careful when buying online because there are some fakes out there! We recommend that you buy from reputable dealers who know what they’re doing too.

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