Set 3 Murano Drinking Glasses – Goto De Fornasa – Venetian Blown Glass

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Series of 3 Murano glasses in venetian blown glass colours white, aquamarine and red with decorations in murrina and silver. This set is called “GOTI DE FORNASA”. Tradition wants that the Murano glass master with his employees did these Murano glasses to drink during work breaks. Each piece is unique in the world in colour and form being made solely by hand without the use of molds and shapes.

NOTE: Each item is minimally different from the photo, the colours are mixed randomly, according to the artist’s inspiration. This distinguishes the uniqueness!

Height 11 cm (inches 4,33)
Length 8 cm (inches 3,14)
Weight: 550 grams



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Dimensions 8.0 × 11.0 cm