There are many special days in our life to celebrate but also to remember with an object, the wedding favor, that lasts forever. Choosing, on the occasion of the wedding, Murano glass favors means to impress a special, unique, but also refined and elegant moment in the memories of the guests. & Nbsp;

The original Murano glass offers the opportunity to choose and customize the object that symbolizes the wedding day like no other object in the world is able to do. & nbsp;

Thanks to the work of expert craftsmen known for their mastery all over the world, it is possible to choose tailor-made solutions that meet everyone’s needs, solutions that, from design to production, to the way in which they are packaged, leave you breathless. & nbsp;

Murano glass favors: the varieties designed for weddings

The beauty of & nbsp; Murano glass favors is not only in the their originality and uniqueness, but also in the ability of the glass masters to create works of art, made with all the passion, pride and attention typical of the best made in Italy.

Then, in the range of objects to be declined as wedding favors, you can choose between saucersempty-pockets-millefiori , frames , hearts, but also objects more useful and unusual as key rings, perfume bottles, millefiori or aquamarine table clocks, but also small “sea” and “sky” bowls that evoke the colors of nature or, again, it is possible to focus on beautiful flower holders of various sizes. & nbsp;

There is really only the embarrassment of choice of Murano glass favors. & nbsp;

The latest wedding favors in Murano glass 2019

Among the new proposals of & nbsp; Murano glass favors for weddings 2018/2019 here are some beautiful table clocks that evoke the shape of flowers. & nbsp;

Very thin, mottled masterpieces, with colors of a thousand facets, made with combinations able to satisfy even the most particular tastes, truly delicate and elegant objects, but at the same time also useful. & nbsp;

In line with this year’s trend, the tree of life, imprinted on saucers and frames. & nbsp;

The collection of bells is renewed again this year, extraordinarily delicate and fine which with their tinkling brighten up every moment of one’s life. & nbsp;

And what to say about the favors in the shape of cute animals or lucky charms: from turtle to butterfly, from kittens to swans symbol of love … you are spoiled for choice. & nbsp;

Those who intend to put aside the usual gifts and give such an important ceremony the right touch of originality will be able to aim for subomboniere in original Murano glass & nbsp; elegant, unique and precious, the most beautiful way to be remembered and impressed in guest memories of this magical day.

Choosing these small masterpieces of art means giving the guests a precious and unique object, personalized, of the highest quality and, last but not least, & nbsp; strictly made in Italy.

These are authentic qualities that cannot be overlooked. & nbsp;

Because wedding favors are not a detail, but a special way of saying thank you and being remembered forever.