The glass masterpieces from Murano are the product of a selection of works by Master glassmakers who offer the great possibility to personalize products as you wish.

Murano Glass Works are among the most interesting and exclusive products offered by the Venetian artisans. From the rich color palette they create stunning, bright, sophisticated and modern glass decorations to which a tailor-made interior will add charm and elegance as if they were artwork. Murano has always been related to art and design in glass.

In the modern home to enrich decoration reasons, it becomes necessary to use works of art. Murano glass is a material suitable for creating unique pieces that are a result of skilled workmanship and the most varied artistic influences. To select such unique objects, you need some help.

Murano Glass Works are different from all other glass in that this glass is made from a unique glass formula, called “sabbia” (sand), which ensures the clarity and transparency of the material and enhances its light effects.

Made Murano Glass  offers exclusive and modern Murano glass art and designer lamps, vases, wall sconces, planters and other original items of personalization. Individual and unique hand-made glass art works of outstanding quality.

Murano Glass is a great way to make a lasting impression in your home decor. From sophisticated abstraction to reproductions of classic artwork, find the one that’s right for you.

The glass masterpieces from Murano are the product of a wide selection of works by Master glassmakers who offer the great possibility to personalize the interiors as you wish.

This article offers ideas to help you choose Murano Glass Works for your interior design project.

The Murano glasswork masterpieces are the result of years of research and development. During this long journey, the collaboration of many experts and artists has been used to produce work that is characterized by a unique beauty. Every day, many of these works are reproduced in a wide variety. In any case, it is always difficult to find a piece that truly expresses timeless beauty and elegance.

Our masterpieces of glass art have been carefully selected by interior designer from many of the most fashionable brands in the world. Familiarize yourself with our large selection before choosing a Murano glass vase for your home.

If you are looking for a unique, personalized and refined piece of designer glass for your home, browse our catalog and make your selection among the numerous works of master glassmakers.

Each year there is a new fashion in interior design. There is, however, a paradoxical element in this fact: Fashion fades, but the merit of a good design remains for ever. A good designer – often able to create an interior that stands out both for its aesthetic merit and for its capacity to attract attention – transforms separate elements into something new and unforgettable.

Our glass objects are completely handmade, for this reason each piece is unique.

These unique pieces, painstakingly handcrafted by Master glassmakers in the workshops of Murano Island, are considered works of art not just for the beauty and value of their materials, but also for their perfect proportions and harmony in composition. Each piece is a unique object that can be used as it is or personalized to suit the interiors of your choice. The choice of colours, the mix and match of diff erent pieces, its texture in vivid colours or smooth black, or even rectified after your choice are some ways to personalize our works to complete itsinteriors. Our Murano Glass Works are also a wide range of abstract art – such as marbles or rhombuses – can be used as elegant representations in any interior space.