Making Murano Glass a World Heritage Site would certainly be another step for its survival and the future of the lagoon island

Murano’s glass, with its many techniques and processes, including Venetian beads, and a thousand-year tradition has all the requirements to deserve the recognition of intangible heritage of humanity protected by Unesco. The president of the Promovetro Consortium, Luciano Gambaro, is sure of this, like the recognition granted to Prosecco,  the protection of glass processing by Unesco becomes an additional element of guarantee and safeguarding the production of Murano glass that have always been attacked by counterfeiting phenomena.

Gambaro writes in his appeal:

Like Prosecco,  the Promovetro Consortium, as far back as 2010, had officially started the application process for the Murano Glass, as an intangible Unesco heritage, which Mibact himself recognized fully meet the requirements of the 2003 Unesco Intangible Heritage Convention.

The tradition, the passion, the effort, the art, the difficulties of working that are handed down from generation to generation, the production and living in a unique island, and the tenacity with which we continue to do for centuries, reflect the values linked to know-how and practices Murano glass crafts required by Unesco itself.

I believe that further recognition, of this international reach, is needed. Making glass is not easy, the costs are high, but this hypothesis could make us take a leap forward. It will not be the decisive shoulder to counterfeiting, but it can be a good starting point for the sector. How’s 2019 going? We’ve been coming from a year, the past one, quite problematic. I honestly think there has been a slight improvement, but in small situations, and the future is not happy. Those who recovered in terms of production and turnover, did so by very few percentage points. There is still the need for help from gouvernement, because we have been immersed in this crisis for ten years now

says Cristiano Ferro head of the Glass Confindustria Venice sector.