The beautiful island of Murano is famous for one thing, in particular, its amazing glassmakers. The glassmaking industry of Murano in Venice is regarded as the most exquisite and even the best lots of centuries ago, and the fact still holds until today.
Murano glasses are a symbol of history, culture and tradition. Glass making is an art, Murano glass makers are masters in this form of art, creating beautiful glass ornaments that are a mix of design, creativity, elegance, perfection and authenticity.
Murano glassmakers are masters in creating beautiful and artistic glasses, chandeliers, ceiling lights and other glass ornaments that can be used to furnish your home, but they are also renowned in the creation of jewelries like earrings and necklaces.
In this article, we will give you reasons why you should get Murano glass necklaces, either for your self or that special person in your life.

Reasons why you should get a Murano glass necklace

1. Be a part of history and culture: Buying a piece of Murano glass necklace looks like you are buying into history and tradition that have been passes down from one generation to the next, from father to son, for hundreds of years before now. Murano glass is absolutely stunning, beautiful and unique, with centuries of artistic tradition behind the masterpiece that is Murano glasses.
This art was learnt from ancient Roman, Byzantine and Egyptian artifacts to create the now famous Murano glasses.
Getting your loved one a Murano glass necklace means that person is getting a necklace handcrafted with a sense of tradition, history and culture of the ancient Venetians. You are making yourself a part of history by getting a real Murano glass necklace.
You should get yourself or your loved one a piece of Murano glass necklace at least once in a lifetime to be a part of this rich culture and tradition that is Murano glass making and classic Venetian fashion.

2. Authenticity: Apart from the richly artistic style, and the history that comes with Murano glasses, another reason people buy Murano glass products is the authenticity. Real Murano glasses made in the island of Murano, and not the fakes “a la façon de Venise” are renowned to withstand the test of time and last a very long time.
Murano glasses pass through the most tedious and labor-intensive production process and techniques like the Lattimo, Sommerso, Bullicante, Filligrana, Millefiori and others to create a really sturdy and authentic piece of art. Murano glasses are known to last years, a Murano glass necklace will last even more and can be passed down from one generation to another and can become part of a family heritage.

3. Absolutely stunning: There is absolutely no doubt about the beauty of Murano glass necklaces. Absolutely beautiful and stunning glass product made with the most delicate craftsmanship, amazing designs and gorgeous colors that well symbolizes the beauty that is Venice. Murano glasses are absolutely stunning and truly a thing of beauty.